PRE - SCORED A4 160gsm - FOLD TO A5 - IMAGE COLORACTION Various Colours

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PRE - SCORED A4 160 Gsm - FOLD TO A5 - IMAGE COLORACTION Various Colours

Coloured Printer Copier Inkjet Laser Fax Paper 160gsm - Packs of 250 sheets
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Image Coloraction is an FSC certified range of tinted papers from pale to dark tints, guaranteed for use with inkjet printers up to 120g/m2 and desktop lasers and Digital printers up to and including 160g/m2.

Antalis Coloraction card and paper has more than 30 different colour shades.

Most Coloraction paper and card is available in A4 80 gsm, 120 gsm and 160 gsm, A3 also available in many of the colours.

The latest up to date colours in an extensive range.
Guaranteed for laser, copier, inkjet, preprint and offset
We supply every colour in the range.

Colour images are for reference only and may not be accurate.